Obtaining a Zoning Permit/Authorization

Obtaining a Building Permit is a two step process.  First you must obtain a Zoning Authorization from the Village of Williamsburg.  Secondly, you must go to Clermont County Permit Central to obtain the actual Building Permit.

Zoning Authorizations are issued by the Village of Williamsburg.  For projects, such as fences, detached garages, decks, etc., that are clearly compliant with the Village Zoning Code, this authorization can usually be issued by the Zoning Administrator within one day of submittal.

For larger projects (i.e. new construction) or projects which require an interpretation of the Zoning Code, the Planning Commission must review the application.  The Planning Commission meeting schedule can be found on the Village Calendar.

There is a review fee for all Zoning Authorization applications.  A copy of the Zoning Authorization application form and the fee scheduled are available below.  Please note: Clermont County charges a separate fee for Building Permits.

Zoning Authorization Application
Zoning Authorization Fee Schedule

Requests for Zoning Change

The process to rezone property in the Village of Williamsburg requires a public hearing at both the Planning Commission and Village Council.  This process takes approximately three months or longer, if there are modifications or denials during the process.

Requests for a zoning change must be made in writing by using the form available below.  There is a filing fee of $250.00 required for all requests.

Application for Zone Change

Conditional Use Permit

Conditional uses exist in each zoning district within the Village of Williamsburg.  These are defined by the zoning code as "uses special in nature and/or characteristics", and subject to one or more restrictions which are determined to be necessary to mitigate undesirable land use impacts and help assure compatibility.

A conditional use permit may be granted based on the decision of the Planning Commission.  In order to apply for a conditional use permit, the proper application form (found below) and fee of $250 must be paid.  A public hearing is then scheduled to hear the request.

Conditional Use Permit Application