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If there is anything you are looking for that you can't find on this site, please feel free to contact the Village Administrative Offices at (513) 724-6107 or via email.

We hope this website will provide residents, visitors, and businesses with valuable information about our community.  Please check back often, as we are continually providing up-to-date information.

A Special Thank You

The Village of Williamsburg has received donations designated for the Williamsburg-Batavia Hike/Bike Trail in memory of Robin Malott.  We saw Robin walking out on the trail at times and through recent conversations have learned she loved it.  These donations have been forwarded to the Clermont County Park District to be added to the Williamsburg-Batavia Hike/Bike fund and can only be used for this project.  The 3rd phase of the trail is now under construction and as funds become available we will continue to build towards Batavia.  As this trail winds it way through some of the beautiful East Fork State Park it is fitting that the memory of someone who loved the trail goes with it.

Williamsburg Honors Our Fallen Hero

Lt. David Knapke made his final call June 5th, 2015.  In addition to serving more than 37 years as a Firefighter, David served the Village as a Council Member from August ,11 1988 through December 31, 1997.  During that time, he served as Vice-Mayor from April 9, 1992 through December 31, 1997.  May eternal peace be granted unto you, Lt. Knapke.  We have it from here Brother.

*** Special Announcements ***

  • The Village is currently seeking applicants for an Auxillary Police Officer.  Please visit the Employment page for more information.
  • Please remember that Fire Code prohibits open burns within the Village of Williamsburg.  This includes burning of trash, leaves, brush, etc.  For more information regarding open burns, please call the Williamsburg Township Fire & EMS at (513) 724-7744.


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